5 Movies to Watch When You Have an Existential Crisis

Many of us have found ourselves questioning the meaning of life and our existence, wondering if there is any point to it. It is a depressing and painful feeling but it’s also part of being human. The artistic and philosophical legacy of our civilization is full of existential motives and search for meaning in our short unpredictable existence. There are also plenty of movies that interpret the existential motive and below are a few you can watch to help you get through you existential crisis.

Fantasia (1940)

Fantasia is an animated film by Walt Disney.  It consists of 8 segments filled with abstract, dark and scary visual motives and music, as well as beautiful and hypnotizing dancing flowers, unicorns and enchanting beings. The chaotic and even trippy visual motives and the music are often sensory-overwhelming, giving a message that our life and existence are overwhelmed with different motives which don’t seem to make sense, both happy and sad, and sometimes meaningless. When you watch the movie, it invites you to relax and accept the craziness of life.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and… Spring (2003)

This South Korean movie tells a story of a Buddhist monk and his seasons of life. The movie has 5 parts, each one depicts a separate season. The movie interprets themes of love, lust, loyalty, pleasure and pain, portraying the nature of the human life through the four seasons, through the life of a monk surrounded by nature.

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Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry is a minimalist movie in which the main character is suicidal but seeks to give meaning to his death by trying to find someone to bury him under a cherry tree. What is interesting about the main character Mr. Badii is that he’s a pretty calm and plain character, who has not suffered any major loss in his life, besides his loss of interest in life. He had a nice family and more than enough resources to live, and yet he did not see a point in living.

Groundhog Day

This is actually a fantasy comedy film. Yet the main character also suffers from failed suicide attempts and loss of meaning in life. Then he realizes that he was looking for the wrong meaning, and that there is more to life than seeking to make yourself feel happy.

The Bucket List

Starring, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman The Bucket List is a movie about two men Carter and Edward, who suffer from terminal lung cancer and become friends. Carter makes a list of things to do before he dies but when he hears that he has less than a year to live he discards the list. However Edward encourages him to follow the ‘’bucket list’’ and do everything that is on it, and even add more things to it. The movie perfectly depicts the confrontation and acceptance and also the embracement of our limited existence.


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