7 Make up Mistakes to Avoid Making

Make up can be a tricky and challenging thing to do and most of us (who use make up) have made at least a few make up mistakes in our life. Of course when doing make up you should explore your creativity and do it the way it makes you feel good, and not feel bound by strict rules. However there are a few make up mistakes that stop you from looking your best and hide your natural beauty as opposed to accentuating it.

1. Applying the Wrong Foundation Shade

Choosing the right foundation shade for your skin tone can be challenging. Oftentimes when we shop for foundation and try to test it, a wrong shade may look right to us because of the poor drugstore’s lighting. Or you may try to match your foundation to a part of your body that is not quite the same color as your face. When you are testing foundation match it to your chest, never to your wrist. Your wrist doesn’t get much sun exposure and also has visible veins and arteries that change the color of your skin. Also make sure you are standing in natural daylight to make the most flattering choice.


2. Badly Shaped or Too Dark Eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important and can  ruin your face if they look bad. Even if the rest of your make up\face is flawless bad eyebrows are going to overpower that and the attention will be drawn on your eyebrows.When you are doing your eyebrows try to stick to your natural shape as much as you can. Don’t try to create and arch that you natural eyebrow doesn’t have. Or if you have naturally arched eyebrows don’t try to make them look straight. Just follow and fill in your natural shape.  You don’t need eyebrows that look harsh and overly defined, especially if you have soft facial features. Also overly dark-drawn eyebrows can absolutely ruin your face especially if your hair color is not that dark.

3. Pairing Bold  Lipstick with Heavy\Dramatic Eyeshadow

Sometimes this look works if done well,  oftentimes it makes you look clown-ish and unnatural, especially if it is not done well. Also, it is not pleasing to the eyes because the eyes tend to want to concentrate on one feature. When doing makeup it’s best to choose one feature to accentuate and keep the rest of the face simpler.


4. Too Much Contouring\Highlighting

Contouring and highlighting  adds depth to your face, slims it down and can look very nice, but of you go overboard with it can become very noticeable and can look muddy and weird. Keep the contouring and highlighting minimal for daytime, as the daylight makes it look super noticeable. Also, be aware of too much highlighting that can leave you looking all shiny and sweaty.


5. Applying  Blush Too Low on Your Face

A lot of people apply blush too low on their faces. That can make you look older as it drags down your face, as opposed to lifting it up.  If you want your face to look younger and more fresh you should apply on the cheekbone. Of course blush can be tricky to apply correctly because different people have different face shapes, and the place where you apply blush depends on your face shape.


6. Doing Your Make up in Bad Lighting

Bad lighting can fool you into believing you have done your make up well, but then when you go out in natural daylight you see that you applied too much make up, didn’t blend it well etc. So make sure you are facing a window and are exposed to natural daylight when you do your make up.


7. Not Cleaning the Make Up, and Using Old and Expired Make Up

We often may be busy and not pay attention to keeping our make-up supplies and tools clean. It’s important to use clean make up products and brushes and avoid transferring bacteria onto your face. If you are using make up every day or often, make sure to clean your brushes more often too. Also, avoid keeping your make up in the bathroom. The bathroom is often warm and humid and those are perfect conditions for bacterial growing. A lot of people also make the mistake of using make up past its expiration date. That can damage your skin and cause infections, because expired makeup composition is changed and it can harbor bacteria.

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