Photography is the Art of Changing the Way We See The World – an Interview with Bojan Simjanoski


Today I had a great Skype talk with a friend of mine and a really creative person, so I decided to transcribe some of our conversation and with his approval of course, share it with all of you. Bojan is a Photographer and Video Maker that is currently working as a freelancer. I’ve always been inspired by his work and attitude. He also loves music, enjoys playing the guitar and even toured the country for a while, performing in a music band.




Q: Hey Bojan, what’s up man? You know I really love your work, so I would be happy to post an article about what you do on my blog, what do you think about it?

A: Hello there! Yeah, definitely, great idea. I am currently getting ready to take my long morning walk with my gorgeous wife Maria and my beautiful daughter Hannah. Every morning is a different story even though we take pretty much the same path. It’s magical really. I am loaded with a ton of photography equipment and my wife struggling with the weight and temper of the Baby. Thank you for your kind words, They mean so much to me and help me go through tough times and struggle.


Q: Cool. Okay, let’s start then – tell us briefly what you do professionally, and what’s been going on lately?

A: Well we are creative people, and  setting borders like: a video editor, a photographer, a musician is really not that accurate because every project is a Challenge and requires a variety of skills. Also our nature forces us to challenge ourselves and find new ways to express our thoughts and creativity. We simply LOVE challenge. If i had to do it I would call myself a  Videographer or an Animator or an Motion graphic artist who loves to do Photography as well. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to learn new things and explore everything that scared me and i encourage you all to do that as soon as possible.


Q: Nice. Did you always knew this will be your profession?

A: All i knew was that i will be doing something creative and that I will be using a computer most of the time. I am simply fascinated by technology and this love story dates way back to the time I broke my first PC and managed to repair it by myself. My love for Video Post Production started at early age too. I was gaming a lot and created hundreds of gaming video clips and movies with no real knowledge of videography or the software. I did it before it was cool.


Q: Hahah Okay, great. let’s back up a little now. I know you love music. Are there some other aspects of your life that you think have helped you develop skill, creativity and shape you personally in a relevant way to your work?

A: I started expressing myself through music in the from early age, which is still a great passion of mine. We were singing songs out loud  with my brother Darko in the bus on the way to kindergarten. Some found it extremely funny, some found it annoying, but most of them Loved it and I could tell by the faces in the bus, they were smiling as we were getting on the School Bus. I think Music is what was crucial and what really shaped me. It also plays a huge part in my video making process, I would say that the sound design, picking the right music and setting the mood is much more important than what we see really, and delivering those skills helped me become what i am today. It defines my style. My scene\shot cuts are razor sharp and dancing with the beat and really I think that if you are not talented musically your career as a swiss army kind of a freelance video editor can’t go really far. Editors do most of the work when it comes to freelancing. Sound design, Video montage, Intros, Outros, Motion graphics, lower thirds ETC are just parts of the job.


Q: What about balancing your personal and professional life? I know that’s kind of tricky for many people, how do you feel about that?

A: It can be tricky sometimes but i really enjoy it. If you asked me 2 years back, How is it going, How’s work, i would tell you: I am so tired so beat up. All of that was just a joke compared to how much i get done today and how much of a challenge it is to balance these two things. Being a freelancer makes things much simpler though. Most of the time I can take short breaks to give my wife a kiss and help with the baby. As much as it is exhausting, I love it and the look and smile on your wife’s and baby’s eyes make it worth it.



Q: What do you think about the development of your skills these past few years? Have you drastically changed your mind about something compared to what you taught in the past? I’m asking this so that other people that are just beginning may learn something useful from your experience. Can you discuss that? What are the most valuable lessons and key points in your view?

A: Work Work Work! I never declined an invitation for work just because i thought it was challenging or out of my league. Just do your best and you will be surprised of your capability. My skill set got much wider this past year as I took on some really challenging projects.  I was scared to do that in the past. I was afraid that I will fail. Don’t you ever do that to yourself  YOU ARE AWESOME and you will get over every obstacle on the way. I promise you this.



Q: Great! Cool stuff Bojan. Okay, to wrap things up, what is your feeling, in which direction do you expect your career to develop and is there some challenge you are looking forward to?

A: I just started a very Challenging and exciting project. It is a Stop Motion Project, to be more exact Brick films (lego movies) and I am pretty sure that this is what I will be doing in the future most of the time. I was lucky enough to be contacted by a gentleman who owns a company that sales original Lego parts, we built a Studio together and  partnered to make the most awesome Lego Brick Films you have ever seen. Expect the videos very soon I am sure you will love it. Maria plays a big part here since she is an Audio Engineer and she does the sound design. She is simply amazing at it.


Me: Great stuff Bojan, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience with me and the people that read this blog. What I love about your work is that you are always putting yourself into the work, I love your passion and you have developed so much in the last few years, it’s really amazing. Keep up the good work, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some amazing projects in near future. Wish you all the best!


Bojan: Thank you very much for your inspiring and  kind words and for the interview, It really means so much to me. I will keep doing what I do and always strive towards improvement and perfection and one last thing for all the readers out there. Do not let your High School\College diploma tell you what you are or limit you. Chase your passion and stay focused on your goal. Dedication is key. I know it sounds like a fairytale and it sounded like that to me before I started, but trust me it is not. Never fear the unknown, run towards it and you will be amazed of how little you know yourself and how capable you are. Thank very much again and I wish you luck on your journey.


Below you can see some of Bojan’s photos, I strongly recommend you visit his portfolio/website or if you are interested in working with him or just simply want to ask him a question:




Personal Website Portfolio




Bojan Simjanoski


Mobile: +38971633481



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