Writing for HubPages in 2017: The First Six Months

writing for Hubpages and earning money

Is it Worth It?

The process of writing for Hubpages is very easy. If you’ve been searching the Internet and now you are wandering”Is it worth it?” – This is the article for you. Even if you don’t know what Hubpages is, don’t worry. I’ll start from the beginning and explain everything step by step. I’ve been writing for Hubpages for almost 6 months at the time I’m posting this article. I will share some insights about the experience of writing for Hubpages, and the earning potential. Let’s dive right in.

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a platform that helps you publish articles on-line without having your own website. You can just create a profile and start writing. Why are they doing this? Because Hubpages is collaborating with writers to make money out of on-line advertisements, Google AdSense to be more precise. They will host your articles, even help you out a little bit to write better and to get a small initial exposure, and in return they place ads on your posts and split the profits with you. You will earn 60% of the profit and the rest goes to Hubpages.

Why is Hubpages good?

For beginner writers, Hubpages is a free way to start and experiment with on-line writing without taking any investment risk. It has a lively and supportive community that is willing to share constructive advice and even chat and discuss topics they are interested about.

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Writing For Hubpages

The writing process is quite straightforward, with an easy to use interface. In terms of simplicity it is same as using your email. They have some tools to help you create more engaging articles, and even suggest some good practices that are likely to drive more traffic to your posts. Once you are happy and done writing your article, you submit it for quality check. If you meet some basic requirements like spelling and grammar, and have content that is not offensive, explicit or insulting in any obvious way, you are most likely have your article published within a day or two.

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How Much Will You Earn?

You can expect to earn roughly an approximate of $3 for every 1000 ad impressions. This can vary depending on the competition between advertisers and how they bid against each other, but you can use what I’ve said before as a rough guideline. Also, writing for Hubpages is not very rewarding in the start because you don’t get much the traffic as a beginner. It will be ever more difficult if you don’t know at least a few good SEO practices and how to do a simple keyword research.


It Takes Time

Don’t expect quick money. Seems like that it will probably take you a lot of time to start earning anything significant. I have earned less than $5 in the first 6 months. It’s a little bit discouraging I have to admit. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $50, and even some of the better standing authors on Hubpages claim they don’t manage to reach the threshold every month.


If you want to dive into the writing experience you can sign up now and start writing.

NIche Sites for Hubpages

Some time ago, Google noticed that so called “content farms” are exploiting the search engine by generating artificial demand inside their community and using that to earn lots of money. Therefore Google decided to penalize and put some restrictions on sites like Hubpages. Consequently, Hubpages found a way to legally promote some of their best content by creating a network of a few other specialized niche sites. Once in awhile you get a chance to submit one of your articles to a specialized site restricted to a certain topic or subject. In that way you get more promotion for your article and more traffic from the niche sites.


It’s Wise to Learn From Examples

I will share with you a few articles that I have written for hubpages and also some of them that have been promoted to the niche sites. You can notice how they are formated, places where links are inserted are also important, the use of pictures and videos and much more. And remember if you are going for a “long tail keywords” strategy you will have to write many articles, and each will gather a few impressions per day to begin with, but with time it adds up.


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